The KLT Factor

Putting Out Your Stall
People are consuming more digital marketing than ever before. Our computers, tablets and phones bombard us with it as businesses and organisations compete for our attention online. What’s more, we are also guilty, whether professionsally through our business, or personally through our social media chatting. The volume of traffic, the demands and the popularity is only set to increase and so are the difficulties of being seen and heard in this cyberspce jungle. 

At this point it’s essential we step back, get some air and try to remember what it is we are trying to achieve in the digital marketplace. The best way to do that is to talk about the basic fundamentals of offline ‘old school’ marketing. So, lets unplug, get back to basics and tune in.

Lovely Jubbly
In its basic form, marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services. With that said, your first marketing strategy has to really start with looking at yourself. After all, you are the service provider, and you need to market yourself to the best of your ability.

I want to introduce you to the ‘KLT’ model: Know, Like and Trust. This should be the foundation stone of your offline marketing strategy and for building your public and professional profile online too – it’s all about you. In essence, the more your customers know, like and trust you, the more organic sales and referrals your business should be making and the natural ongoing growth that this seeds. The more we get to know someone, then hopefully the more they start to like us, and the more they like us, hopefully the more they trust us. Having these three factors in place and balanced correctly, then we can expect positive referrals to flow our way.

Apples & Pears
So how does the KLT model work in practice? Lets take a simple look at it:

The Know Part – As a driving instructor, you spend hours with most of your learners before their learning journey comes to an end. During this time, both you and your learner will have built up a rapport and a knowledge about each other through natural conversation and time, from hobbies and interests, to family and friends and all sorts in between. Obviously, they will also get to know some of your habits, good and bad. Rightly or wrongly, it’s human nature to formulate an opinion when meeting people, and then evolving this view as you get a more detailed view over time. Positivity breeds positivity, whether personally or in marketing.

The Like Part – Obviously, through the knowing part, your learner will make a conscious decision on whether they like you or not. First impressions are important, but these are soon overtaken by their ongoing experience of you. On this positive or negative view rests the likelihood of referrals and recommendations, the essential food for business success. For example, if the learner doesn’t really like or respect you, whether because of the way you teach or the way you present yourself, you can guarantee that you won’t be getting any referrals from that learner and, worse still, they may pro-actively put potential customers off. This is especially true in the online, social media driven world they live and work in, and where you need those ‘Likes’ on Facebook, What’s App or even your website ‘Reviews’ section.

The Trust Part – Does your learner trust you? Do you turn up on time or perhaps finish their lessons early? Are you letting them get into tricky or dangerous situations? Are they continually feeling overwhelmed with certain driving tasks and they don’t trust you to step in and save the day? Can they trust you enough that you won’t ridicule them when things go wrong? Are you a good professional?

You may be the nicest person in the world, your pupils love you as a person, but when it comes to what they pay you for, you just don’t cut it. Even “with regret”, as Alan Sugar likes to say, however lovely you are, they just can’t recommend you as a driving instructor.

Adam & Eve It
The KLT analogy is the bedrock to marketing, off or online. You are your most important marketing ingredient and so, when it omes to technology, it will only magnify what you are, both in terms of negatives as well as positives.

Over the coming months we will look at more tips and tricks for marketing, and making online the mainline success for your business.

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Shaun Harrington-Lunt
ADI, Business Consultant,
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