The divide

We sometimes speak about a so called “North South Divide” and I was wondering if this is true? It may be true in non-related industry matters such as the costs of housing, but what about our jobs? Is there a difference in our salary as driving instructors? Well after doing a very small bit of research on a Facebook group, I thought I would put my findings into this Blog and write a short article about the some of the differences in the prices of driving lessons in Durham for example which is located in the North East region of England and compare some areas against the prices in a town based down South, Andover., Hampshire

It’s common belief that and perhaps it’s true that products, salaries and the cost of living in general is much cheaper the further North of the Watford gap you travel. I’ve recently been speaking to a driving school who are based in Durham and we’ve compared the prices for driving lessons and it’s clear to see that Durham and surrounding areas are charging much cheaper prices than driving schools in Romford which is another driving school based down South. I’ve also compared my own prices of Superdrive Academy against both North and South driving schools.

it’s probably safe to say that houses are cheaper in the North than what they are in the South, especially around London so is it an economic thing? I’m not too sure and I don’t know the answer. I can travel 18 miles away from Andover and I know that I can find driving schools charging from £5 to £10 cheaper but yet we still use the same test centre and can almost have the same clients from the same colleges for example.

I can’t understand what is attached to a pricing structure and the differences. Is it the local authorities and the rates they charge such as council tax? Is it something completely different? It can’t be rates or things related such as council tax because if we have a look at the charge for council tax it’s probably safe to say that London has the highest rate for council tax but yet I’ve found driving schools charging less than what we do here in Andover.

I don’t think that one of the reasons for the differences in price is the quality of tuition. I know some really good quality driving instructors North of the Watford gap and there are loads of instructors better than me.

As a summary and a final note, I don’t think we will ever know the difference or the reasoning for the gap in price for driving lessons. It may just always be a mystery.