Final top tip

In my last couple of Blogs, I’ve been given you hints, tips and tricks about creating good Ad copy for Facebook, this even works for Instagram too. My last Blog I gave you my top two tips out of five on how to write good compelling posts or Ads. In this Blog, I’ll be sharing with you my final three tips on how to do this. If you’ve missed any of my top tips then just simply take a look at my earlier Blogs.

So here goes…Starting with Tip number 3

Tip 3. How Can You Be Relevant?

One of the best things about posting and advertising on Facebook is the ability to target super specific groups of people. We can target people based on pretty much any interest, behaviour or demographic that you can think of.

That’s great for obvious reasons… being able to target the people we think are most likely to convert into paying customers. But not just that, it allows us to be specific with our messaging and ad copy too.

If you’re a local driving school let’s say in Liverpool, targeting people in Liverpool could be as simple as mentioning the location you’re in. For example, a driving instructor in Liverpool could write:

“We’re offering a free driving lesson to 5 people in Liverpool. Click here to sign up now!”

Immediately, the advert is relevant to people living in Liverpool, and if they fancy learning to drive, they’re going to take you up on that offer.

When creating a post or creating a Facebook As, ask yourself, who are you targeting and what can you do to make your Ad immediately relevant?

Tip 4. One Call To Action

When running adverts, it’s important we stick to just one call to action (CTA). Incidentally, a call to action is generally something like “call now” or “click on the message button” or something along these lines.

We don’t want to give people lots of options and choices. We don’t want to try and sell them 5 different things and have 5 different call to actions. Your advert should be driving people to do one thing. Otherwise, we run the risk of confusing them to a point where they take no action at all.

Tip 5. Show Proof (And Use Numbers If You Can)

Arguably the most important copywriting technique is including social proof. This means sharing the results and success others have had in working with you.

Write something along the lines that you have lots of 5 star ratings on Google reviews. Let them know that you’ve taught hundreds of people to drive and have passed their driving test. Perhaps even include a short testimonial in your post or Ad?

Example:  “Join the 335 other learners  who have successfully passed their test with us”.

Sometimes, showing social proof helps you to build credibility and authority, which is required if you’re to have people want to take you up. Why would anyone work with someone that isn’t credible?

Think about when you buy something online, I bet sometimes you do a little research to see what people say?

Perhaps you check out the reviews, maybe even see how many stars it’s got? We all want to make sure we’re making smart buying decisions. If we see other people have purchased a product and seen results, we’re much more likely to do it ourselves. The same goes when buying driving lessons.