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The importance of good Ad copy

Let me get straight to the chase: if you’re a driving instructor and running Ads or boosting posts using the Blue boost button on Facebook, you want results. You want leads and conversions; you want engagement; you want customers right.

It’s pointless if you’re running ads or posting and then using the Blue boost button and not getting any leads or sales in return?

Over the next few weeks i’ll be writing a series of articles on how to increase sales for driving schools. Let’s begin with my first article.

In order to get more engagement and conversions on Facebook, we need to focus on getting a few things right:

  • Having an irresistible offer
  • Knowing who our perfect customer is
  • Writing copy that compels the audience to take action

If we get those three ingredients right, it’s impossible to fail.

But it’s that third point that I’m going to focus on in my next few articles: How to write Facebook Ad copy that gets more customers. What are the words, phrases and techniques we can use to compel people to start engaging with us and take us up on our offers?

Why Is Facebook Ad Copy So Important?

One of the big mistakes I see when businesses first start advertising on Facebook is focusing too much time on the little technical elements of a campaign. What ad format should I use… What bidding strategy should I use…? Will my post work and get me new pupils…?

At the end of the day, none of these things matter if you’re not writing good copy.

As consumers scroll through their news feed, there’s a lot going on… pictures of friends and family, crazy cat videos, purple elephants eating apples… etc etc.

There’s a lot of distractions – Which means as a business owner, you’re fighting a losing battle to get your customers attention before you’ve even begun. You need to work hard to gain their attention.

As people scroll, the first thing that’ll catch their eye is your ad image/video. If that catches their attention, they’ll read your ad copy.

That’s when the decision will be made on whether they click your ad or not. If your ad copy isn’t good enough, they won’t click the ad. If they don’t’ click the ad… you guessed it, no new pupils for you.

Good ad copy is vital to the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.

In my next Blog, i’ll be writing you 5 tips on how to improve engagement on Facebook and get conversions using good Ad copy. If you want to be notified first to get my new articles about Facebook marketing, then just simply press the Blue like button below.