A big mistake

I just wanted to write a very short article on the Facebook boost button – Should you or shouldn’t you use the Blue boost button on Facebook?

This is the million dollar question I get asked time and time again. The answer is “it depends”.

The boost button has one primary function and that is to get engagement such as likes, shares and comments but it doesn’t really give you lots of sales leads. There are much better ways on how to generate leads and get new customers from Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, yes you can use the boost button to generate leads but to increase your chances of getting leads you’ve got to implement a strategy with the boost button.

Here’s the mistake some instructors make with Facebook and generally why Facebook doesn’t work for them when trying to generate leads. I see so many driving instructors ask other driving instructors to “Like” their page. Why is this a mistake? Well, remember what I just mentioned, the boost button is designed to get engagement. So, if you do a post and give it a boost, who do you think is going to see your post? Yep, you’ve got it, driving instructors. So in theory and in practice, you’re wasting part of your Ad spend budget showing your post to driving instructors when 100% of your ad spend budget should be spent on people who you think wants to see your post and is going to engage with your post. You should be showing it to the people who are going to like it, share it and comment on it, these are your potential customers. Driving instructors are not your potential customers, unless you’re offering training services or a product to driving instructors. Then you will want driving instructors to like your page.

A boost button is designed to give you engagement and engagement is great for brand awareness and for audience reach, but there are much better ways to use Facebook to generate leads. So if you’re not getting any leads coming in when you boost a post, then Facebook is not to blame because getting engagement and likes etc is the primary role of the boost button. It’s job is not to increase sales, there are better ways of using Facebook to increase your sales. So when you boost something, it’s more likely that your putting your post in front of a lot of driving instructors if you’ve got lots of likes by them.

One of the best ways to increase sales for your business with Facebook is by using the Ads Manager.

If you’re going to use the boost button, then I would try to use a video. The reason for this is that a video will get more engagement. You can then create a custom audience based on video views. Facebook is really clever so once you’ve created a custom audience based on 50% of watch time on video views, you than ask Facebook to create you a lookalike audience.

When you ask Facebook to create a lookalike audience for you, Facebook will go off and find you people similar to those people that have already engaged with your video for example. The end result will be that you now have a nice big audience that you can target and re target. As complex as this sounds, it’s how the pro’s will do it. By using a strategy similar to this one, you can then laser target in on people who you know are interested in your services.