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The importance of good Ad copy. Continued…

In my last Blog, I promised I’d give you 5 of my best tips on how to improve engagement on Facebook and get conversions using good Ad copy.

I’ll breakdown these tips into chunks so this Blog will give you the first two top tips so without any further a ‘do, let’s get stuck in

Tip 1. Ensure Everything Is Benefit Driven

What some instructors are guilty of when writing a Facebook Ad or doing a Facebook post for their driving school is asking for business such as writing “we have spaces now” or “if you want driving lessons then get in touch”.

As soon as people see your post, they know what your business is, they already roughly know about the features of a driving school so instead of asking for business you should be writing about the benefits.

Facebook posts and Ads are more successful too if there’s an offer. We’ve got to remember that people in general are not going on Facebook and Instagram to buy stuff, they use sites like Amazon for that. People are going on social media to be social, to have a nose etc.

Therefore, you will get much better traction from your post if you have an offer. Of course, people care about the features but more importantly they care about how the offer is going to change their life and how is it going to benefit them?

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t be asking for the business nor telling people about the features. Instead, you should be writing about a good offer you have and letting them know what the benefits are.


One of the best ways to ensure you’re talking about benefits in your copy is by using the ‘so that’ statement. Every time you talk about a feature, add ‘so that’ to the end of the sentence. It’ll prompt you to explain the benefit.

For example:

➡️ Use our FREE Theory App so that you can save money and pass your theory test quicker.
➡️ Frist lesson FREE so that you can Try Before You Buy
➡️ 100% Money back guarantee so that you know you’re going to get quality tuition
➡️ Secret members-only Facebook group so that you can get extra support

All of the above are just examples of how to place an offer and how to use the “so that” method but hopefully you can see the difference of how I dress up a Facebook post compared to a standard one which might read…. Learn to drive with me because I’m ace and I have spaces now.  Hopefully you can See the difference?

When you advertise on Facebook, your ads will be served to people who have never heard of you before… and don’t care who you are or what you have to say.

You need to make them care.

If you begin by talking about yourself, you’ll lose them instantly. Nobody likes that weirdo at the party that talks about themselves all night, right?

So how do you make them care?

Similar to point 1, talk about the benefits of the thing you’re trying to sell, driving lessons. If you’re giving away a free guide for example, write about the benefits of downloading the free guide.

It’s not about you. It’s about THEM and the value you’re giving them.

If you’re offering driving instructor training courses for example and using Facebook Ads, another good way to make sure you’re talking to the right people is by asking a question at the start of your copy, such as…

“Do you hate your 9-5 job?”

“Are you looking for ways to leave your job?”

These are ‘yes’ questions. Questions your perfect customer would answer yes to. Because, if they say yes, you’ve immediately hooked them into paying attention to the rest of the ad and you’ll hopefully sell them a driving instructor training course.

If they say no, great. They’re not your perfect customer and they’ll move on.

Well, that’s all for now but I’ll give you three more tips in my next Blog which I’ll try to write next week. As always, if you haven’t already given me a “Like” then please do so that you can keep up to date of my next Blog release.