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Full access to video tutorials

Facebook Marketing Course

Learn the Facebook marketing strategies that will help you to continually grow your business and help you to scale-up

Instagram marketing Course

If you feel overwhelmed about using Instagram for marketing, then this course will be ideal for you and your business (coming soon)

Website Design Tutorials

In this course, you will learn essential skills covering industry standard web design using the very popular WordPress platform


This short course takes the mystery out of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and shows you how to get your website ranking better

"I ran a Facebook marketing campaign for PDI training and I got 12 new leads within 36 hours"
Mechelle Meme
ADI Trainer & School owner

Marketing strategies for driving schools

The courses are all video based and show you exactly what to do. You can go at your own pace too.

It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building and running successful social media marketing campaigns.

Tried, tested and proven techniques that work!

Learn new skills which will help you to grow your business. It’s even good for your CPD (continued professional development) record.

driving school marketing

I was fed up with seeing sleazy internet marketers who promised the world to driving instructors but delivered very little once they have their hands on your cash

marketing for driving schools

Access to expertise

Tap into my 20+ years experience in the industry and a proven track record of driving the growth of driving schools turning them from a single car owner to a thriving multi-school with 12 cars in just 12 months

We walk the talk

Where others teach unproven theory or rely on outdated experience - I'm successful because I'm in the trenches with my fingers firmly on the pulse. Just take a look at my testimonials

No BS allowed

I'm not into overblown hype, marketing tricks or jumping on the latest shiny bandwagon. Just straight-talking, honest, proven and practical advice. No B.S., no tricks, no 'get rich quick schemes here!

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  • Facebook Marketing Tutorials
  • Instagram Tutorials
  • Website Design Tutorials
  • SEO Tutorials
  • Plus Lots of Bonus Sections
Who is The ADI Marketing Academy for?
  • Driving Instructors who want to learn the basics of social media marketing
  • Driving Instructors who have already tried social media marketing such as Facebook but haven't seen good results
  • Driving Instructors who are keen to expand their business into a multi-car school and want to know how social media marketing campaigns can assist them to do that
  • Driving Instructors who are action takers and want to leverage their business to get results and bring in new customers

Frequently asked questions

If you’re a driving instructor and want to see results in your marketing efforts, or perhaps you want to try new marketing tactics, then The ADI Marketing Academy is definitely for you.

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime you want. There is no yearly subscription fee. To cancel your membership, just simply go into your account section and click on cancel.

Absolutely not. We hate spam mail too and we know how annoying it can be. The only time we will email you will be to inform you of a new course or any course updates. We may from time to time let you know about new offers that may be of interest to you and your business.

The simple answer is “yes”. Inside the academy you will see a “Contact Us” form. If you have any questions about our service or maybe you have a question about implementing a strategy, then just simply let us know.

You can sign up for a membership through any of the “Join Now” links. This will take you to our payment gateway. Just simply add in your details into our secure Stripe payment system. You will be billed once per month until you cancel your membership.

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything I haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact me at contact@adimarketingacademyacademy.co.uk and I’ll help you out.

Check Out THESE Reviews

Shaun was introduced to me just about 18 months ago, and recommended to be the best person to help steer me in the right direction that I wanted to go with my driving school business. Having had my fingers burnt previously I was a little wary, but I can honestly say that I wish I had been introduced to Shaun years ago. He is a fountain of knowledge in business and marketing, extremely articulate and a really nice honest person with a great sense of humour. Shaun is reliable and efficient and I couldn’t ask for anything more and I appreciate his valuable input on a regular basis, as my business has continued to grow and flourish with his guidance. I can highly recommend Shaun, to other businesses.
Driving Instructor and franchise owner
Before I found Shaun and his services he offered, I was using another marketing service provider to help me with my online and social media marketing. After having unsatisfactory experience and not great results, I switched to Shaun, now I am getting over 60 enquiries per week.
Rob Gould
Driving Instructor
"We hired Shaun from to revamp our website and give our National ADI Association a better online presence. Shaun went above and beyond our expectations and his ADI marketing skills are second to none. If you are looking for any online marketing for your business, then I would hire Shaun.
Kathy Higgins
IMTD Secretary, ADI National Association
Shaun was highly recommended to be by a number of other driving instructors as they had used his website and social media marketing services before. He responded to my enquires quickly and professionally and was always happy to help. Shaun designed and built my fully functional website and got it all up and running within a week. He quickly put the SEO and marketing in place and I was appearing on the first page of Google within days. Within a week of being launched, my website was generating 2-3 leads a day, every day. Shaun is very knowledgeably and passionate about the industry, he's trustworthy and professional all times, and at the same time, you can talk to him as a friend. I can’t recommend Shaun’s marketing services enough as he has helped me to expand my driving school at a rate I could have only have dreamed of. I'm now following all of Shaun's tutorials inside the ADI Marketing Academy and his strategies definitely work. Thanks Shaun.
Richard Spiers
ADI & Franchise Owner
I contacted Shaun for help with marketing an online product I’d created. Within a few minutes of speaking with Shaun, I knew I’d use his services and he was the right fit to help me expand my business. The support, help and advice I’ve received has been fantastic from the start. Shaun is very easy to talk to, he listens and makes every effort to understand what you want for your business. He came up with a brilliant campaign that got lots of interest and I’d thoroughly recommend using him. I now have much more confidence to grow my business, knowing that I can have help to create marketing campaigns that DO work.
driving school marketing campaigns
Ann-Marie Winterburn
ADI & Franchise Owner
When running your own business, there are strengths and weaknesses within each person tasked with its leadership. At MyDriveTime, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of the driver instruction industry, and building high-quality software to solve those needs. But there is little point in offering a fantastic service if your target customers don't know it exists, so bringing in an experienced marketeer to help us carry that message to market was fundamental to our long term development. The fact that Shaun is also a driving instructor is a huge bonus; ticking both boxes. Shaun has always bought into our personality and passion for delivering our service to ADI's, and we were delighted when he agreed to become our marketing consultant. He brings a wealth of experience and insight to targeting, communication and social media use that has seen real improvements in our reach and conversion. He also brings a kind hearted calm that helps us to feel at ease while we discuss an area of business that has often seemed impenetrable. I would highly recommend working with Shaun, at the very least, pick up the phone and have a chat with him and you'll soon realise the benefits for yourself."
Dan Hill
Director, MyDriveTime
I contacted Shaun as I wanted to grow my business locally and into different towns. He gave me a great marketing strategy and now I am taking on franchisees. Thank you again Shaun for your honest & reliable help. It has truly been invaluable.
ADI & Franchise Owner
You've got to give credit where credit is due and I just want to highlight the AMAZING work being done by Shaun Harrington-Lunt. I'm a new ADI and have my own driving school but I've been struggling to generate awareness and and get customers until Shaun helped me out. Within a couple of hours of Shaun setting up a Facebook marketing campaign for me, my inbox almost exploded and I've massive interest. Ever since, my diary has been filling up nicely. I even have pupils on a waiting list. I just wish I had heard of Shaun's marketing service before as I had previously been using so-called market experts within the ADI industry but after spending lots of money, they got absolutely nowhere. So, if your driving school needs any marketing, then just get in touch with Shaun from The ADI Marketing Academy, his methods that he explains inside the Academy truly work. Not only that, Shaun is genuinely a nice bloke and a gentleman and nothing is too much trouble for him.
Driving Instructor
I came across Shaun's website through the ADINJC and cannot recommend it enough! After years of struggling with my social media strategy his website helped to demystify Instagram, Facebook advertising and website building. The ADI Marketing Academy is unique in that it is specifically designed for ADI's and as Shaun is an ADI himself, he is perfectly positioned to offer expertise from first hand experience. In less than 4 weeks I was able to finally understand Facebook adds and how to use them properly. By following Shaun's step by step guidance I have so far set up 2 Facebook campaigns which in total has cost me just £11 but has already brought in 2 new clients both of whom have booked and paid for a block of 10 lessons! Instagram has always been a mystery to me but thanks to Shaun's short course on this topic things are now much clearer and I am posting regularly with a proper strategy. Finally again, thanks to Shaun I have managed to build my own WordPress website (Juliehazelldrivereducation.com) in just a couple of weeks and have saved myself a fortune! I cannot thank Shaun enough, his website is clear and concise, he is always on the end of an email if you need extra support and I can't believe the difference his advice has made to my business in just a few short weeks.
adi marketing
Driving Instructor
If you want to learn new marketing skills for your driving school, come on in and join my ADI Membership Academy
Shaun Harrington-Lunt
Owner, The ADI Marketing Academy